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Cuba was amazing! When I arrived I spent my fist few days learning how to get around the city.  Then I looked up some of the contacts I had. One of these included a Master Conguero (expert conga player) whom I was to study with.  Aside from these lessons during the day I spent a lot of time exploring the city and meeting the people (and I have many stories to tell).  At night I would venture out to one of the many many venues that hosted live music.  This was the best!  While doing this I met and got the contact info of many great musicians on the scene.  My last week in cuba I called the best of the best players I had heard and arranged for a recording session at the Egrem studio (this is where many Famous Recordings were made), which was only 2 walking blocks from the host family I was staying with!  Did I mention that this recording is available on iTunes soon (check out the Music page now!)  After that it was time to pack my bag and head home.  However, this was not as easy as it seemed considering hurrican Gustav was about to hit the island.  This turned into me being stuck sleeping on the Havana Airport floor for three days until the storm had passed and I was able to get another flight.  I have much more to say about the politics, the people, the art. and the every day struggle that a Cuban goes through… Be sure to check out a few Cuba pics in the travel gallery on my official website at: