Malandro is portugues for scoundrel and is a well know term in Brasil.  Here is how I became familiar with the term: 1.) I was almost hit by a taxi who ran a red light. Apparently they do not stop at red-lights after midnight for fear of being robbed. 2.) Someone tried to pick pocket me as I was returning from a swim at Ipanema Beach one afternoon. They did not get anything since I did not have a wallet on me! 3.) A cab driver tried to charge me double fair, I refused to pay it. 4.) I was searched for drugs by the policia on my way home from Copacabana to Ipanema one night and another time during the day on my way to the openning Pan Am ceremony at the Maracana. Of course, I did not have any drugs and according to my Rio friends the police are just as corrupt as the favela drug lords.  5.) Someone from a very well known samba school who’s name I will not mention sold an intrument of mine without my knowledge or permission for 4x’s its value to a blind man.  I got the instrument back. 6.) My international cell phone was stolen from my table at a restaurant.