Though there is still a lot of folkloric tradition preserved in Rio de Janeiro there has also been an apparent acceptance/intrusion (?) of American pop culture and marketing.  I have been to clubs in Ipanema that only play American pop music and oldies where all of the Brazilian’s are singing along to the English lyrics.  American movies are well know and there were lines of people waiting see the new Fabulous Four movie.  At the hostel I am staying at there are frerqently American movies on TV with portuguese voice-overs, they are funny to watch because the actors mouth’s move at a different rate then the portuguese words.  Last night “Back to the Future II” was on FOX.  Recently I attended the “Live Earth” concert on the beach of Copacabana where there was a total of 2 million people in attendance.  At this concert there were four bands, three American and only one Brazilian.  I was surprised to see how excited people were to hear Lenny Kravits perform.  He closed the show with a cover, “American Woman.” And yes, there are McDonald’s here.