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Trinidad & Tobago are the Southern most islands of the Caribbean located just 7 miles off the coast of Venezuela – a very small country with a length of 50 miles and a width of 37 miles.  Though a small country they are very rich being that they have many natural fossil fuels off their shores.  This country is the home of where the Steel Drum was invented – the newest acoustic instrument since the 20th century.  This is also where, according to the Trini’s (locals), the best Carnival in the world takes place.  The islands’ inhabitants are mainly of Indian and African decent.   Because of this I had the opportunity to eat lots of great Indian food such as Roti and Doubles as well as the African soup know as Souce and don’t forget the Chicken Feet.  While visiting I heard many of the 40 some steel drum bands perform and in some cases got to interview their arrangers.  Aside from the great music I couldn’t help but to notice how extremely friendly, helpful and hospitable the locals were.  Can’t wait to go back.